Benjamin Hulett
cd review

Maurice Greene
Luke Green - Harpsichord, Giangiacomo Pinardi - Lute
label:   Naxos

'Benjamin Hulett’s light, focused voice and exemplary diction perfectly conveys the subtleties of Spenser’s texts. To vary the continuo, Giangiacomo Pinardi on the orbo joins Australian harpsichordist Luke Green in delicate arrangements. Between them, these fine musicians make an hour of music pass with pleasing variety.'

Clive Paget/ Limelight Magazine, 8 August 2013
Limelight Magazine

'Hulett is a youngish tenor still early in his career and his light, perfectly tuned tone (occasionally reminding me of a young Martyn Hill) seems absolutely right for this repertory. His diction is impeccable, as is his effortless communication of the shape and phraseology of Spencer's verse. I particularly admire his disarming simplicity and humility: emotions are perfectly calibrated to a Georgian scale and the prodigious word-painting ('the rolling wheele that runneth often round' from No.5) is always made to serve the poetic sense and not to simply satisfy purely vocal ends... In its modest way this recording succeeds on all fronts. It's a telling addition to the early history of English song, very beautifully recorded... It leaves me wanting to hear more of Benjamin Hulett and Maurice Greene. A bargain.'

Simon Heighes/ International Record Review, February 2013

'The young English Tenor Hulett has the ideal fresh voice to champion these neglected gems.'

Richard Morrison/ The Times, 5 January 2013
The Times

' they receive impassioned and beautiful performances by Benjamin Hulett, whose limpid and agile voice is perfectly suited for this music.'

Early Music Today, December 2012